Krankenhaus unter quarantane
Ebola quarantine: First video from hospital room of nurse Nina Pham

Nina Pham, the first nurse to fall victim to Ebola on US soil had her last appointment with Dr. Gary Weinstein at the Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas...

Building a Quarantine Hospital Tank

A quarantine is necessary for just about any aquaponic system. Adding fish directly to your system without insuring they...

Life in Quarantine, by The Fully Sick Rapper after 55 days in Quarantine

Watch our full 9 Part sick Web Series here Life in Quarantine - Rap Music Video. The original heaps mad sick rap video about a man...

The Big Bang Theory - Sheldon has to use hospital bathroom

S04E23 - The Engagement Reaction. Cbs TV Show. Chuck Lorre production.

HOW TO: Set up a Quick Quarantine Tank

This is a quick video to show you how to setup a quick Quarantine Tank for sick and injured fish. Hope you like the video and hopefully it will help a few people...

How to Quarantine and Medicate Fish

Dave and Amy discuss fish quarantine and medications used for different diseases.

South Korea reopens schools and doubles MERS quarantine in stricken hospital

It is back to school for South Koreas children after thousands of schools reopened on Monday, with extra precautions, after the authorities decided there was no...

MDR um 4: Ebola und Quarantäne im Klinikum St. Georg Leipzig


Quarantine Training video designed for use by Kings County Hospital Center.

Quarantine Tank: How To Setup

PF-15 UV Filter Link I had a little misfortune with my quarantine tank and had to...