Land of confusion war mashup

Land of Confusion - Genesis and Disturbed (True Mashup)

I found some videos with the two songs going back and forth, but nothing with them on top of each other... So here they are playing simultaneously. Disturbed...

Star Wars - Land of Confusion Music Video

This was my first real montage that I made with my dazzle recording box. I think this is the best video I have ever made.

Beat of Confusion (Genesis vs Michael Jackson) - Land of Confusion Beat It Mashup

My video to accompany MadMixMustangs excellent mashup. Check out his site to download this and other great mashups for free.

Disturbed - Land Of Confusion Official Music Video

Chicago, Illinois metal band Disturbed has successful mixed aggressive riffs and vocals with a melodic approach to form a winning formula that has earned the...

Disturbed-Land of Confusion Music Video

A remixed version of Disturbeds cover of the Genesis classic. Voted as one of the greatest liberal songs of all time, and perhaps the best cover of it as well.

Land of Confusion Music Video

A music video for Disturbeds version of Land of Confusion. The intent of this video is awareness-raising. I am not trying to make a political statement; please do...

Guild Wars FDDF music video 3 (A Land of Confusion) RE-Upload

This is a RE-Upload of the original video ;) A Guild Wars music video from fddf This was a blueredteamz production, in association with kars1992nl...

Gears Of War Ad Remix 1 (Land of Confusion)

Gears of War Ad Redone with new Music.

Land Of Confusion - Genesis Feat. Disturbed

The music was mixed by aiyapimp, I mix the Genesis music video with the Disturbed video. Enjoy and let me know what you think.

Fallout 3 Music Video - Land of Confusion (Genesis)

A Fallout 3 music video set to Land of Confusion by Genesis. I thought the lyrics fit the world of Fallout extremely well, so I made this music video, using in-game...