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Anime/Manga Review 0 - CODE GEASS & HUNTER X HUNTER Deutsch/German

neuer kanal Hier noch ein paar Anmerkungen: -Als ich den Text geschrieben habe, hatte ich den dreißigsten Band von...

Anime & Manga Podcast - Hunter x Hunter Anime 1 (Deutsch German)

Diesmal bin ich nicht alleine, sondern habe mit anderen tollen Youtube Anime Reviewern einen kleinen Talk zum Anime Hunter x Hunter geführt. Schreibt doch...

Hunter x Hunter Episode 1 part 1 german fandub

cast Gon BlackCherryBlood Mito TheKnetchen Großmutter Schokiheart Kaito LightDubify Typ1 Schokiheart Typ2 sonickickio Typ3 LightDubify Kon...

Hunter X Hunter Episode 5 eng sub 1999 HD

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Hunter x Hunter 2011 Funny Moments Part 1

It was a big video so I decided to just cut them in half lol.:3 Part 2 will be up later:D These are the scenes that were the funniest so yeahhh lol part 2 will have the...

Hunter x Hunter Funny Moments

A compilation of amusing clips from the anime:) Also, check out a cool fan-club I recommend for all HxH fans!

Hunter X Hunter AMV 300 Trailer - HBD Ryan!

thanks for 1900 subs ) Trailer amv ;D hope you enjoy 720p this is my amv against DbzSayian tdt Round 2 Sub da birthday boy!

Gon Vs Pitou Full Fight -Hunter X Hunter

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Hunter X Hunter (1999) Episode 6 - English Dubbed

Hunter x hunter ending 1 Full

I do not own this song its from the anime hunter x hunter.